Authenticity Protocol for Physical Assets on the Blockchain

Value Protocol is a blockchain based infrastructure as a service that connects the physical world to the blockchain with A.I., and allows businesses to build decentralized markets for physical assets.

Solving The Biggest Blockchain Drawback – Authenticity

The Value Protocol is the first solution to connect physical items to the blockchain at all times. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision for fingerprinting unique material structure & hashing it into the blockchain using just a smartphone.

Cheap, tamper-proof and fast technology

Accessible to everyone with a common smartphone

Fingerprints the unique material structure

Works for many materials and surfaces

Without a secure way to link the physical item to its blockchain entry, it is easy to replace it with a fake. This is a major issue with all current blockchain solutions.

A Robust Infrastructure for Markets with Physical Assets

The protocol sets key market principles which are immutable & predetermined by smart contracts. It features platforms and modules that businesses can utilize for shares trading, authenticity, protection, provenance, insurance, lending, shipping and more.

Fast Business Integration

Quickly integrate into a decentralized economy or build your own solutions by selecting needed platforms & modules.

Distributed Consensus

An open standard for businesses with a planned decentralized governance of the protocol by Proof of Stake voting.

One Protocol Currency

Value Coin (VLU) is the currency and utility token that is used for all operations and services in all markets built on the Value Protocol.

Built-in reward system

100% of the market fees are directly distributed back to VLU holders and market participants as incentives for the activity in the market.

Our First Application — A Decentralized Market for Art & Collectibles

Democratizing the access to the $2.7 trillion market of art, wine, old cars, watches, stamps, coins and other collectibles.

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Allowing anyone to trade shares of art & collectible items even with just $1 while protecting the item’s authenticity, 
ownership & security.

Our mission is to protect and empower creativity with transparency, fair value and decentralization.

Our experienced team

[photo] Roman Komárek
Roman Komárek
Founder, VM Development & Strategy
[photo] Jakub Krčmář
Jakub Krčmář
Co-founder, Head of Product & Strategy
[photo] Dominik Franěk
Dominik Franěk
Partner, Market & Security
[photo] Marvan Shamma
Marvan Shamma
Partner, Head of VALUE:PROTECT
[photo] Ján Lopušek
Ján Lopušek
Partner, Head of Operations
[photo] Josef Jelačič
Josef Jelačič
Team Lead, Smart Contracts Expert
[photo] Alysa Yamada
Alysa Yamada
Copywriter, Social Media Manager
[photo] Jiří Fabián
Jiří Fabián
Tech Advisor
[photo] Kamil Behúň
Kamil Behúň
Computer Vision and A.I. Expert
[photo] Lumír Mrkva
Lumír Mrkva
Smart Contract Developer & Senior Back-end Developer
[photo] Matúš Zamborský
Matúš Zamborský
Senior System Architect & Analyst
[photo] Pavol Noha
Pavol Noha
Senior Back-end Developer
[photo] Marian Čamák
Marian Čamák
Senior Back-end Developer
[photo] Michal Nikodím
Michal Nikodím
Senior Back-end Developer
[photo] Matej Tábi
Matej Tábi
Senior Back-end Developer
[photo] Pavel Trnka
Pavel Trnka
Senior UX Designer
[photo] Petr Bobák
Petr Bobák
AI/AR Developer, iOS
[photo] Jan Tomešek
Jan Tomešek
AI/AR Developer, Android
[photo] Martin Popelak
Martin Popelak
Back-end Developer
[photo] Dominik Nožka
Dominik Nožka
Android Development
[photo] Fabian Maume
Fabian Maume
Community management
[photo] Václav Slavík
Václav Slavík
Senior Front-end Developer

Advisory board

[photo] Larry Eisenberg
Larry Eisenberg
President, AACG
[photo] Liron Rose
Liron Rose
ICO Advisor | Crypto & Blockchain Expert
[photo] Jozef Barta
Jozef Barta
Former Unicredit CEO | FinTech Expert
[photo] Michal Hanych
Michal Hanych
ICO & Tax Structure
[photo] Johann Philip Rathgen
Johann Philip Rathgen
CEO, Luxury Items Marketplace
[photo] Adam Herout
Adam Herout
Oneprove Advisor | Computer Vision Expert

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